01 November 2015

Delta Zulu Six - A (6mm proxy) Dropzone Commander UCM army

I'm not too found of Hawk Wargames: I wrote about this before but I'm not sure where or when anymore, so here I go again (feel free to skip the next paragraph, the good stuff is underneath)...

When I first heard (well, read probably) about Dropzone Commander I was very eager: air-mobile-centric game, beautiful and original models (the Post Humans and United Colonies, that is; the Scourge goes from OK to "hey look, evil flying CD-rack at 3 o' clock" and the other aliens gear looks like a mix between Native Americans headgear and BDSM accessories)... And then I found out it was all going to be 10mm-scaled! I came over to 15mm for the sheer pleasure of freely mixing and matching whatever toy form whatever manufacturer, so I'm not about to buy into another scale that's compatible with pretty much nothing else, thank you very much! I'm sure there are plenty of arguments for that specific scale (air-mobile tactics need a lot of space; but then why not go 6mm, another widely accepted standard?), but that choice of scale seems a very GWish "let's make sure if they taste our product they can't go anywhere else to get their lead - or resin or whatever- fix" move to me. Not meant as a compliment. End of ranting.

Recently I read a blog post about using 6mm proxies to try out Dropzone Commander rules without taking on a new mortgage... Nothing new so far, I thought about it before but the idea kind of broke down with dropships (and other flyers): they are a key component to the game and each faction has several different very specific ones; not that easy to source in 6mm. But Raskal just used suitably sized Firestorm Armada ships (he had, I assume, laying around) for the different dropship. 

6mm not-UCM proxy army by Raskal over at Raskal Central.
Sure they're not the correctly scaled next to the 6mm infantry and ground vehicles, but...
  • Visual scale clues are usually pretty limited on spaceships model;
  • A bit of scale wiggle room is apparently allowed when two scales are not in the same plane (i.e. air versus ground à la Flames of War 15mm ground forces with 1/144 airplanes).
I think Raskal intended this experiment as a crude placeholder (he ended up buying the official stuff), but I think it could work as a permanent solution... Especially if you go for spaceships that stylistically match your ground vehicles and blend them further together with your paintjob...

So here we go with yet another project (as usual just a gedankenexperiment, I probably won't go very far with it)!

I'll call this project Delta Zulu Six: "delta zulu" for "dropzone", off
course; "six" for 6mm but also for the commander call sign in military
radio procedures, so "DZ6" can actually mean "dropzone commander";
the triangle is both the Greek letter delta and the APP-6 symbol for a
dropzone... I'm quite proud of this ;-)

31 October 2015

Ars Victor - 15mm Miniatures for the Empire of Man

I recently wrote a small review of the Ars Victor boardgame with an eye of using the rule with miniatures before being interupted by supper... I've been thinking a bit more about it and here are the minis I'm leaning toward for the Empire of Man faction.

Ars Victot Empire of Man unit tokens. Picture from editor website.
The faction units can be split in three thematical categories...

Not-Space Marines 
They come in several variants (read in 3 columns: name of the Ars Victor unit, 40K equivalent and signature attribute):
  • "Medium" = "tactical" Space Marines = baseline unit
  • "Jump" = "assault" Space Marines = jump packs
  • "Heavy" = "devastator" Space Marines = missile launchers
  • "Cavalry" = bikes = bikes
  • "Light" = scouts = sniper rifle & camo cloak
  • "Assault" = "terminator" Space Marines = power armour
Altough they are a bit more lightly kitted than you old Space Marine, I'll go with 15mm.co.uk SFA troopers: a few other ranges provide the variety of roles I'm looking for but it's one of the only one with jump pack troops...

Picture from manufacturer website.

30 October 2015

15mm GI Joe - Snowcat

Comments on TMP about my previous "New Guinea War" post highlighted how the Antarctica War briefly mentioned in the chronology could also be an interesting setting! Here is just a random idea that popped-up while thinking along those lines...

Back when I was 6, I got the GI Joe Snow Cat toy as a present from my grand mother...

Picture from YoJoe.com.