07 March 2014

MH-X Ghost Hawk

That's a totally made up designation of course! 

Doing some research on the infamous choppers that were used during operation Neptune Spear, and consolidating my finds here. Not trying seriuous intel analysis here, just compiling other people takes on the beast.

01 January 2014

A geeky new year!

The entire team (!) of Trojan Points wishes the nicest new year to you and your dearest both!

Picture from Intel through I Fucking Love Science

16 December 2013

Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets miniatures painted by Micropanzer

They took a while to get there (according to USPS, they went form Brussels (Belgium) to Nashua (NH) to Jamaica (NY) to Opa Locka (FL), back and forth three times between Opa Locka and Miami (FL), then to Kansas City before ending up in Blue Springs  (MO), the entire trip taking just under a month) but Jason at Micropanzer just finished the miniatures I commissioned him to paint for my Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets faction!

Units of the Robot Army of Organization of Unobtainum Exporting Planets