28 September 2015

Computer Games Imagi-Nations - ArmA 3 - Altis Armed Forces

The Armed Assault (ArmA) series website as long been in my browser favourites and an exemple of nicely done imagi-nations with exaclty the sort of information and details one needs for wargaming purposes. I've never played the games themselves (from what I've read, they're quite good but their realism and steep learning curve puts them outside the reach of the casual gamer that I am) but ArmA 2 Chernarus (a civil war ridden post-Soviet republic) and neighbouring Takistan (basicaly not-Afghanistan) were instumental in me "finding out" imagi-nations as a way to actually play with ultra-moderns minis without stressing my suspention of disbelief too much!

I recently ventured into the ArmA 3 part of the site and discovered the islands of Altis and Stratis and the fight of the NATO and Altis Armed Forces (AAF) to repel the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT) invasion... Another great looking imagi-nation, original factions and a very interesting weapon mix on the very edge of near future sci fi... What's not to love?

Altis Armed Forces. Screenshot from developer website.

So let's take a look at the "independents" from the game, the AAF, their gear and the best way to model them in 15mm and 6mm (not sure what scale I'd rather go for this yet)... As usual, this is just a much a place for me to consolidate info and links I gather than an actual post for your edification ;-) 

15 September 2015

Minus 15 degrees: 15mm Frostgrave - Modular terrain

With my gaming group X-Wing Miniatures campaign coming to a close (the Empire controls 42,5% of the Minos Cluster so far), I'm looking for a new game for our 2016 campaign...

Although I'm trying to push Five Parsecs from Home forward, I'm not sure the group is ready for it... Most of us have been fed exclusively from the Games Workshop tit (although I'm not sure they were the ones being milked) with X-Wing as the single, so far, significant exception: we're used to one point shopping games where we get everything from a single provider: shiny rule book with official background, lists and miniatures lines...

Another game that's been brought forward and that might prove an easier threshold to step over is Frostgrave:

20 July 2015

Game design thoughts - A drone-centric sci-fi game...

Delta Vector recent post got me thinking... Enough that I'll write it down in a post rather than just making a reply to his.

One of the newer GZG drones, armed with missiles... Pictures from manufacture's website.

So starting with these specific ideas (just a few of the one in Delta Vector post, go and read it, in fact while you're at it, go and read all his "game design" posts)...
  • In an EW-dominated battlefield, an unhackable human (with a gun aimed via a Mk.1 eyeball which can't be fooled by EW chicanery) still has an important place;
  • Remotes are powerful, but can be jammed and have vulnerable operators, vulnerable to EMP;
  • Hackers act like "wizards" who can hack (...) robots (...);
  • Combined arms might be a balance of robotic and conventional humans, rather than the armour-infantry meaning it has today; 
And adding a few of my own (whithout much of a structure, brainstorming here)...